Attendance Policy

All Employees must notify their supervisor(s) PRIOR to starting their shift if they are going to be absent from work for any reason.  Failure to notify your supervisor PRIOR to the start of your shift will be considered a No Call/No Show and may result in disciplinary action.

All employees are responsible for finding someone to cover their shift in the event of an absence. This is not your supervisor’s responsibility.

All vacation days must be scheduled a minimum of 30 days in advance on the employee page. A time off request does not constitute approval. PTO will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.  Get you requests in as early as possible to avoid potential conflict with other employees’ scheduled PTO. An approval email will be sent to you upon PTO approval.


Have questions about Attendance, Working Hours and Pay?
Please visit section #3 in the employee handbook.
Please reach out to your manager with any questions you may have.