Attendance is critical for the success of our business and for your future success as an employee. Our customers expect us to be available to help them solve their vehicle issues on THEIR timeframe and we schedule our Team Members appropriately to maximize the opportunity to do so. This cannot be accomplished if you are not at work. We expect team members to have 100% attendance to care for our customers unless you are on a pre-approved leave of absence or pre-approved paid time off. Pre-approved leave of absence or pre-approved paid time off includes, but is not limited to, legally protected leave, medical leave, schedule adjustments, and vacation time (PTO). For time to be considered “pre-approved” a team member must follow the appropriate company policy and guidelines requesting the time away from work and such time must be approved in advance by the team member’s Manager and/or Senior Management. Please refer to your employee handbook for information regarding schedules, attendance and time off.
Attendance Incidents
An absence that is not associated with a pre-approved leave of absence or pre-approved paid time off is considered an “Attendance Incident.” For example, if a team member is unable to work a scheduled full or partial shift, and the team member’s absence is not considered “pre-approved” according to the appropriate leave policy, the absence will be counted as an “Attendance Incident.” Consecutive days absent may be counted as one “Attendance Incident” with documentation from a TM’s Healthcare Provider. For example, an employee who misses two consecutive shifts in a workweek due to illness would receive one “Attendance Incident.” Unless modified to comply with a leave requirement, in order for an absence to be considered an “Attendance Incident”, the following guidelines must be followed when calling in to report a full or partial absence from an assigned shift:

1. Inform your manager at least 1 hour prior to your shift start if you are not going to be on time to your scheduled shift, or absent for whatever reason, in accordance with the call-out procedures below. If your manager is not available, you must inform your manager’s supervisor.
2. If an emergency occurs, inform your manager as soon as possible so adequate actions can be taken to address the situation. If you do not notify your manager as described above it may be considered a “Failure to Notify” subject to immediate corrective action.
3. Submit PTO request form available on the Meineke Car Care Centers of Kansas City’s employee page. Available PTO balance must meet or exceed the number of missed or requested work hours (up to 8 hours).
***Taking unpaid time off will be considered an unexcused absence and is subject to immediate corrective action, up to and including termination, at Senior Management discretion

Guidelines For Corrective Action
Because an “Attendance Incident” impacts our ability to meet our customers’ needs, we ask that team members are not excessive in this behavior. Management will issue discipline for excessive violations of this attendance policy based on a 12- month rolling period, measured from the first corrective action. If a Team Member has more than five (5) “Attendance Incidents” it will be considered “Excessive” and will be subject to a corrective action. Every “Attendance Incident” thereafter will result in progressive corrective action up to and including termination within the 12-month period from the first Corrective Action. Progressive discipline will be issued for excessive violations of the attendance policy, as follows:

• 1st Level Corrective Action – Written Warning – Six (6) Attendance Occurrences
• 2nd Level Corrective Action – Written Warning – Seven (7) Attendance Occurrences • 3rd Level Corrective Action – Final Corrective Action – Eight (8) Attendance Occurrences • 4th Level Corrective Action – Termination – Nine (9) Attendance Occurrences
Meineke Car Care Centers of Kansas City reserves the right to take more serious corrective action, up to and including immediate separation of employment, at senior management discretion, when dealing with situations such as:
• Team Member has other job performance problems; • Absences falling on or around a holiday, weekend, payday, or after being sent to another work area;
• The incidence of absence falls on a day when the Team Member previously requested off but the request was denied; or • The Team Member has other disciplinary action/write-ups, regardless of the type or date of disciplinary actions/write-ups.
A Team Member must be clocked in at the beginning of his/her scheduled shift and at the scheduled time of return from break/meal periods. Any time greater than five (5) minutes beyond your scheduled start time will be considered an “Attendance Incident”. Clocking in is the Team Member’s responsibility and failure to do so may result in a Team Member not getting paid correctly. Notify your store manager of any needed timeclock adjustments. This will not be adjusted after payroll for that pay period has been processed.
Leave Early
A Team Member who leaves prior to the end of shift is considered as leaving early unless pre-approved by their manager. Each leave early will be considered an “Attendance Incident”

No Call/No Show
A No Call / No Show will result when a Team Member fails to notify the manager properly according to the attendance policy and does not arrive to work for his/her scheduled shift. The first occurrence will be documented as Final Written Warning. Two No Call/No Show occurrences, either consecutive or within a rolling 12-month period, will result in termination for job abandonment.
Compliance with Federal, State, or Local Laws
Meineke Car Care Centers of Kansas City evaluates absences to determine whether the time away from work is protected by federal, state or local laws. We also evaluate whether an absence or tardiness should be excused from corrective action under this policy as a reasonable accommodation under federal, state or local disability laws. If you believe an absence or tardiness is entitled to be excused under job-protected leave, please contact your HR Director.

Revised March 22, 2023


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