What We Do

What We Do At Meineke Car Care Centers of Kansas CIty, we provide exceptional auto repair and maintenance services by providing our customers the services they need in a timely manner and at a fair price in an environment that is comfortable for them and positive for our employees.

We will deliver on this mission by following these basic principles: 

We provide excellent automotive service and maintenance. 

This means we: 

  • Inspect vehicles thoroughly; it is our responsibility to find the problems with a customer’s vehicle 
  • Fix problems right the first time 
  • Provide our services at a fair price 
  • Focus on our customers’ safety. Not doing our jobs right can literally kill them; we will pay careful attention to each job to prevent this. 
  • Our Customers’ time is valuable. We keep our promises about delivery times 

We take pride in our store. 

This means we ALL work to: 

  • Provide a pleasant, comfortable waiting environment for our customers 
  • Keep the shop neat, clean and organized We work to get better 
  • We follow our procedures to be sure we do high-quality work; we work hard to improve these.
  • We devote time and resources to training, and keeping pace with automotive technology.